Healthy snacks at work: how Manna Eating can help

Healthy snacks at work: how Manna Eating can help

Healthy snacks at work: how Manna Eating can help

Office snacks have always felt a bit cheeky: It may consist of a custard cream here or a chocolate bar there, perhaps even a slice of cake from time-to-time. Cheeky because they taste SO good, too good. They feel cheeky because we know they’re not the best option for us. 

Most office snacks, such as a danish pastry, all-buttered croissant and buttery biscuit, tend to be laden with additives and refined sugars. As a result, the snacks create sudden bursts of energy, and then slumps - 3 pm slumps are a workday ritual? The refined sugars and trans fat content in these snacks spikes blood sugar levels, affecting mood and energy. The 3 pm slump is often associated with the consumption of these types of snacks.


The impact of this on some employees is profound: In a tasting session with London-based organisations, Manna found that women, aged 25-35, felt consuming these snacks compromised their lunch and dinner plans. Knowing that they had consumed these extra calories led them to feel unhealthy, too. Most women, from our user research, preferred to have healthy office snacks available, ones going beyond fruit - yet these weren’t readily available. 

Drawing from personal experience, I too, felt this impact back when I worked in the City (over 10 years ago now) in the financial services industry. Working long hours and project managing two young children was exhausting. I required nutritional snacks that powered me throughout my day. However, my office didn’t have the options I needed: we had a tuck trolley but this served crisps and chocolate, options that didn’t meet my health and wellness regime. 

The above, among other things, inspired me to set up Manna Eating - a healthy snack company, that creates treats using plant-based and natural ingredients. We source ingredients from health food shops, and ensure no additives and/or preservatives litter our food. Such an approach allows us to create handmade snacks, packed with extraordinary flavours. Even the FreeFrom food industry agrees, who awarded one of our snacks the silver award for best snack bar 2019.

We’re on a mission to show offices that healthy snacks are available, and can be tasty. There’s often a stigma around healthy options, but we’re here to quell that. Our snacks are packed with flavour, the healthy element is the bonus.


Healthy alternatives: What makes Manna unique?

  • Made with superfoods, not artificial ingredients: Manna's snacks are boosted with superfood & plant-protein ingredients such a chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, maca. Such ingredients provide sustained energy control, vitality and cell renewal. 
  • Unique flavours: Our snack flavour profiles are complemented with little tweaks such as lemon zest, mountain pepper, cinnamon, tonka beans and other delicious natural plant-based herbs or spices.
  • High Fibre & Natural sweetness: We use dates for their natural occurring sweetness and high fibre content. 
  • Gluten-free whole grains: We use teff grains, oats and buckwheat because they are unrefined and unprocessed allowing a higher nutrient content. Choosing these snacks allows us to make gluten-free treats. 

3 healthy snacks for the office: Manna’s snack range

If you’re looking to provide healthier options for the office, here’s 3 office snacks you should consider from our range:

  1. Nut butter cookie - Tigernut flakes add a whole new dimension to this fudgy cookie, creating a crunchy taste. The softness comes from the peanut butter or nut butter, which also provides slower releasing energy. We assure you that each and every one of them will have your mouth watering and nourish your mind, body and soul! 
  2. Teff blueberry banana muffin - We use teff, a wholegrain, which makes this muffin the perfect gluten free treat. Additionally, teff is a great source of high nutrients and good for gut health
  3. Maca energy boost balls - You can slot these in your pocket, great if you’re on the go. Made with buckwheat puffs (a gluten free grain) and added with maca powder, an energy booster, this ball will power you throughout the day.
Should you wish to speak to us further, we'd be more than happy to hear from you. Reach out to us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.