Introducing healthy snacks to the co-working community

Introducing healthy snacks to the co-working community

Manna’s story: introducing healthy snacks to the co-working community



March 2017 - Manna’s vision to supply offices with healthy snacks all began with one marvellous opportunity at The Office Group (TOG), Borough - a private coworking space that provided us with a platform to test our handmade snacks. Vanessa stumbled upon TOG when she handed in a flyer at reception, which promoted her brand. A few weeks later, an email crops up in her inbox, explaining that TOG would be more than happy to feature Manna for a week-long pop up. 

Entrepreneurship is partly recognising opportunities and using them to showcase your vision, no matter how elementary. The pop up at TOG was just the opportunity we were looking for, and I was very excited about this. The pop up would act as a small trial space to introduce a different concept of snacking on healthy nutritious snacks, that nourish you but also tickle those taste buds!

Manna: How it all began

Not every opportunity can be approached the same way, and as a business owner you have to assess the risk attached. Using my instincts, I thought: why wouldn’t I pursue this? This is a great opportunity for me to build brand and awareness. The week long opportunity was also a great way to test the waters. 

The pop up started small, we literally had an espresso machine and a beautiful cart that supplied the homemade treats. For such a simple idea, it went a long way. Simple, creative ideas go a long way. We twisted office snacking on its head entirely, providing options that had natural ingredients, amazing textures and extraordinary flavours. No all-butter croissants in sight - this was about showcasing that office snacks can include healthier options, not the mundane options we typically find. My snacks were to provoke thought and taste, question what they were eating. As Manna means ‘what is it?’ in Hebrew, the snacks sparked the curiosity I intended to provoke. 

For TOG, our mission was to inspire smart snacking and help change awareness in our snacking choices. 


Worth the risk

A week long pop up turned into a six month opportunity, which pleased me to bits. During this six month period, I met wonderful clients - who now purchase weekly corporate orders. Even better, I was able to educate TOG clients that healthy can taste good. There’s often this stigma that healthy equates boring and mundane flavours, and that’s why people may opt for a butter rich croissant or a sugary chocolate bar. But for me, my snacks challenge this completely - you can have healthy snacks, and extraordinary flavours. The two can go hand in hand. 

I enjoyed the opportunity I had at TOG, and I'm grateful I pursued my entrepreneurial instincts. If you’re ever looking to take a risk, I say trust your instincts. 

A few items we offered on the TOG, pop up menu: 


  • Blueberry & Coconut  chia pudding
  • Beetroot Brownie
  • Teff & Banana wholegrain muffin


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