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MANNA, derived from Hebrew, means "what is it?"

Our Story

In 2007, having dedicated over 25 years to the Financial Services industry, Vanessa set out to search for her inner creativity. Constantly on the go and working in a highly demanding office environment, Vanessa often struggled to find nourishing snacks to power her through her day. Grab and go snacks were often unappealing (lacking authenticity) and products appeared to be facades: over processed, ridden with synthetic preservatives and lacking natural raw ingredients. For Vanessa, these marketed snacks were simply dressing themselves up as "healthy" and "nutritious".

Manna, therefore, seeks to address this issue by creating authentic handcrafted food options - using natural, plant-based ingredients.


Our promise

At Manna, we are passionate about your wellbeing. We aim to provide you with a sensory experience. We throw open our arms to the nutrient-dense wholegrains, the vitamin-packed fruit and the mineral-filled vegetables that Mother Natures provides in abundance. 

Whilst the food industry becomes ever more processed, we promise to deliver natural food creations to entice and excite your tastebuds - no additives, no preservatives, no refined flours or sugars, no manufacturing. Just pure, honest, good food. 


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